As My Mother Would Want Me To Write About: Australia pt5

I’m very aware that my last post was hella awkward , so I’ll try to make sure this one is a bit better. The next stop in Australia that I can think of at the moment would be the Lone Pine Sanctuary. Yep, I’m talking about the one where Ed Sheeran, 1D, Birdy, Slipknot, Simple Plan, Jackie Chan, Joan Jett, John Feldman, the Queen’s mother, and the Pope, just to name a few. Yes, you did read the Pope. Basically I stood where all these celebrities did. If that doesn’t make someone feel pretty awesome about themselves, I don’t know what does. Celebrities aside (because once they’re dead, they don’t really matter anymore), they have this giant field/cage where there’s like 40 kangaroos, 20 wallabies, and 3 emus. To say the least, it’s super awesome. My life is pretty much made, after cuddling with kangaroos. Cooler than being at the same place where all those celebrities, trust me. There are obviously other parts to the sanctuary, other than those, like the farm section where they demonstrate how they shear sheep; another section where they have birds with a feeding demonstration, etc. Describing every single cage and section of the whole entire sanctuary would take a lot of time, so I’ll just insert a digital map of the place in this post.


I would highly recommend it, if you’re in the Brisbane area. Of course, all these people have been there, so it’s only normal that it would be fun.

After Brisbane, we decided to head 3h north, up to Hervey Bay. We didn’t do much in Hervey Bay, except book our first tour ever as a family. It sounds crazy, but with all the travelling our family has done around the world, the first time we had booked a tour as a whole family for the first time was when I was 14, and my brother 11. Speaking of which, my brother’s birthday happened while we where in Australia. Which was pretty cool for him, and sucky for me since he got to celebrate HIS BIRTHDAY in AUSTRALIA and I had to celebrate it in my good ol’ country house. Actually fuck that, mine was cool, since I was the last one to have my birthday in that house. Fuck yeah.

We where in Coolum Beach to celebrate it, and all I can remember from that beach is that we got really bad sunburns all over our backs so bad that I couldn’t put a bra on without dying of pain. Other than that, I had Dominic’s Pizza for the first time in my life, and it was really awesome. Not sure if that should be considered a milestone in someone’s life, but I guess I’ll put this on here either way.That’s kind of the only things that people would care to know about, so yeah, that’s basically Coolum Beach for you. Back to Hervey Bay. So we booked our tour, and while my parents where negociating the price, as I looked around, I realized that there were some of those tacky tourist shop jewelry on some racks. Then, I looked a bit closer, and realized that the name of the brand was called “Celeste’s Jewelry”. Like how cool is that? For those who didn’t realize it, my name IS Celeste. I hope you had realized. Pretend you did, ok?

So I ended up taking a picture, of course, yet for some reason I can’t seem to be able to find it, on my laptop… Sorreh.

The tour started out pretty cool; you had to get on this boat that brought you to the island, but I think the coolest part was the busses. They kind of looked like coach busses, yet they also looked like one of those boat-busses. Have you ever seen one of those? They kind of looked like a mix of those two. The entire island is made out of sand, so it makes sense that the buses wouldn’t be normal-looking busses hahaha. But the island is so small and peaceful, that I wonder if I should go back one day, once I’m 18. It’s a very beautiful place, really. There’s a natural spring that starts from the core of the island, and goes all the way to the ocean, called Eli Creek. It’s a little river that runs about two feet deep, at the deepest part of it. But the water is oh so clear, that it looks like tap water. As a matter of fact, the water is so clean you can drink it, and I can say that it tasted like the best water you’ll ever taste. Screw the chlorine freshness, this is some next level fresh; granted you take a gulp at the end of the boardwalk, where people jump it. It’s also where the water is coldest, but it’s honestly so refreshing, especially when you’ve been having Australia’s summer sun on you for the past two weeks.

Wait until you get to Brazil’s sun, past self.

That didn’t make sense wow.

Oh yeah, my neighbour gave birth the other day.

I can hear their baby crying.

They live in the house right beside us, and theres a solid 5ft in between us.

And people ask me why I wouldn’t want a child, psh.

Ok I lied. I don’t know if I want a child, but that’s aside the point. Or maybe it’s just the sound of the movie that my brother and mother are watching in the air vents… No matter, I shall continue.

I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re watching Frozen.


After Eli creek, we got back in the bus, and drove for a couple more minutes to the Maheno ship wreck. It’s a ship that was used as a cruise liner before the first world war, and then used as a medic boat during the war. After the war, it had been too old to be able to go back to being a cruise ship, and too used to be used again as a military ship, so the government decided to wreck it in the ocean, and it finally washed up on the shores of Fraser Island. Because of its age, it isn’t a boat as whole anymore, but its basically this giant rusty thing that makes really good pictures. Also, if you end up seeing it, make sure to try to sneak yourself into the boat itself, towards the back, where you’ll be able to see the ocean from cabin windows and broken down walls. Also makes really pretty backgrounds. The other option would be to opt for a ‘traditional’ mermaid pose at the front of its bow, and strike a Titanic similar pose.

The next destination on this small island was the famous Lake Mckenzie, where the water is the bluest you’ve seen. There’s actually two different shades of the colour. The lightest blue would be the ones where people take pictures in it, and if you take out the reflection of the light, and the magnification, it looks like you aren’t even in the water. Then there’s a really steep drop of a couple feet, and that’s the darker blue. When we went there, there had been too much rain, so flooding happened, and the blues weren’t as beautiful as they are normally portrayed in the famous pictures.

Apparently this lake also holds spiritual value to the indigenous people. They say that it’s a basin of purification, and the sand is like soap. So if you scrub some sand in your hair, apparently it would make it healthier, and better in general, whilst the water would polish all your jewelry. My father when he heard this he was like “Ok that’s pretty cool”, and then proceeded to take of his wedding bands to polish them in the water, without my mother noticing. I don’t think my mother was very happy…. Or at least, if she seemed indifferent, she was probably upset on the inside, and probably hurt because she didn’t speak much for the next couple of minutes.

Oh yeah, and our bus driver at one point beckoned my brother over to where she was, close to a shaded area, with some random stairs, and was like “Check it out! It’s a rattlesnake!”, and of course, my father, being my father, ran out of the water with my brother, went up to the driver and started looking as curious and excited as a kid on christmas.

So my father is someone who won’t go on a roller coaster with you, but he’ll be the first one to drag you to go see a wild rattlesnake. All right, that makes lots of sense.

Anyways, I feel like this is enough for one entry, since it’s around 1500 words…

I’m pretty sure the next entry should be the last one about Australia, unless that’s what I said last time… Oops?

*sigh* well, at least I typed everything out of my system pretty good, so I feel quite happy with myself. I’m pretty sure that’s worth something, right?

Adios muchachos

P.s. the featured image is the end of Eli creek, the bus you see is one of the kind of buses they used, and the other stretch of water would be the pacific ocean.


As My Mother Would Want Me To Write About: Australia pt 4

Just to give you guys a recap of the last post: we stayed at McDonalds for 6 hours, and I was doing an appreciation post about North Beach. Basically.

After we stayed at the McDonalds, we had actually ended up booking an apartment in Brisbane. Oh yeah, the pit stop was somewhere between what the town that North Beach is, and Brisbane. Somewhere on the Gold Coast. All I remember is that there was a Hog’s Breath restaurant or cafe.

I just googled it, so the possibilities would be Coolangatta-




I don’t think you guys are understanding why I’m so happy for finally finding this town’s name. Ok, so my dad, as we where driving away, we was laughing at the restaurant sign, and he said “Let’s always remember this town” because we thought it was the only place there was one. Obviously after my research, there’s a couple on the east coast. And also just the weird guys that scared me for life, I always wondered which town we actually where. I think I only just remember seeing the sign and just- oh my god I’m actually getting overwhelmed by this.

Ok, deep breath.

Back to normal.

Alright, so after Coolangatta, we went up to Brisbane, and decided to live almost in the downtown area of the city. Don’t ask me which part of it, because frankly I have no clue. But I was close to the Story Bridge and technically the Botanical Garden that we did visit. A building called ‘Oaks’, if that rings a bell to any Australians out there. Or to people that are somewhat familiar with Brisbane?

So we get in the apartment, all goes well, blah blah blah. Dad goes to return the camper whilst mum and my brother and I just chilled, finally happy that we had a stable floor under our feet, and stable electricity outlets. Speaking of electricity outlets..

We where obviously plugging in our electronic things into outlets because let’s face it, who wouldn’t? So I plugged in my converter thing, and then as I go to go to the bathroom, a loud bang and a blinding light flashed. Before y’all start making assumptions that we saw God or something (not that I would judge you for it), turns out it was the power plug converter that had blown up. It had been connected for thirty seconds, and apparently there was an overload of watts, and it blew up? But the sound was super loud, and I’m still surprised to this day that no one knocked on the door or something, asking if we where ok.

Thinking about it, they’re Australian, not Canadian, and obviously concern for strangers only exists in fictional books. Surprise surprise. Almost like humanity ran out, and now we just don’t give a flying fuck about anyone. Unless you fall deeply in love with a person, but that’s still partially just fictional.

I just want to tell you all I restarted to write this part almost a month after I started. So I started to rewrite part 4 because I didn’t know I had already started. So I just scrolled down and realized that I did, and imagine my face being 101% done with everything. Because that’s exactly what it looks like. If you’ve never seen me before, picture the most attractive female you know, and make her have a 101% done face.

Anyways, back to the story. Dad eventually came back and was like, “Why are you all looking like you just saw a ghost?”, and then proceeded to assure us that we’re basically just acting like a bunch of pussies. Thanks dad. You the real MVP

After supper (which where tacos, I believe. Wow, I actually remembered that. This happened 11 months ago man), we watched a bit of the olympics. The snowboard freestyle was on, and I, being the ratchet snowboarder I am, got excited for no reason and made sure I watched until dad got mad about us watching a lot of TV. Psh, he should see us now. His reason was “We didn’t come all the way to Australia, just for you to watch TV and stay in the apartment all day.”. I get that he has a point, but come on; Mark McMorris was on the screen. And the 2014 olympics don’t happen every day m8. Now that I think of it, didn’t they have this Molson Canadian beer vending machine over there? I don’t really care if it was beer or maple syrup that they sold, just the fact that they made it so only people with Canadian passports would be able to get something for free is a pretty awesome concept itself.

So after we got our asses kicked out, we decided that it might be a good idea to check out the pool area thing. Let me tell you that it was a hella good idea. Especially since the people we met there would be the only people relatively my brother and I’s age we’d meet for the next four months.

We met a 16 year old English boy from Leeds, and some random 12 year old Australian that was just there for the heck of it. At first my brother and I thought that they knew themselves outside of the pool or whatnot, but apparently not. The older guy was like, about a (I’m going through an extensional crisis just trying to remember what his rating was) I don’t think I even remember what his face looked like. I only remember his abs oops. I mean, he made a point for me to look at them, when he was flexing so hard that he couldn’t talk at the same time he sat up from the hot tub. But this 12 year old kid holy shit. Btw I’m chuckling right now. I don’t have incredulity on my face. He’s had more action than I’ve in my whole life. AND THE KID IS FUCKING 12.

So apparently he’s had a full on make out session with his girlfriend. I’m not sure if it was all made up, but he spoke of it quite graphically, if I remember well.

Anyways, I actually just wrote a few paragraphs, but apparently the web page wasn’t ‘alive’ anymore, so I lost them. Just thought that you should know.

Alright moving on. After that we ended up going in the sauna and chilling out. It was pretty awkward, so I won’t go too much into detail since there’s basically nothing to talk about.

On that note, I shall leave you with this information. Until next time.


As My Mother Would Want Me To Write About: Australia pt 3

Alright, so I’m back, (of course). This time, I bear the story of North Beach. According to my brother, he read somewhere that it’s a beach that locals are proud of. Yet, when I talked to my Australian friend that lives in Sydney, he didn’t have a single clue what I was talking about. My brother probably meant the local locals love that beach. Not the city people, I’m guessing. Probably not.

Anyways. This beach is magnificent, if you haven’t already seen it, in real life, or in friend’s pictures. It’s literally the cliche perfect beach destination. Sadly, the sand isn’t white but it’s pretty golden. And it even makes this zipping sound if you run and shuffle your feet at the same time. It’s pretty cool, although you have absolutely no idea what I’m talking about.


(The picture doesn’t really make it look gigantic and beautiful, but it’s the only one I could find)

I know that it isn’t the only beach that has zipping sand, but I was just pointing out another awesome thing about this particular beach. View this post to basically be an appreciation post about North Beach. Oops.

This place has sand for as long as the eye can see, however there are two places where the land points out to the sea, so I really don’t know how long it actually is.


We stayed at the campground for a solid three days. That’s probably the longest time we’ve actually stayed at one place, when we where in Australia. Always driving around like madmen.

I literally just googled ‘North Beach campground australia’, and I think I’m making this thing so much bigger than it really is. Turns out it’s surrounded by vegetation, in the Royal National Park. When you’re on the beach itself, with no one, it looks gigantic, but if you’re in a hill overlooking it, it doesn’t seem that spectacular. Here:

Australia, New South Wales, Royal National Park.

It’s still uber beautiful, but not as big. I would still highly recommend.

The next thing that I can clearly remember aside from our driving, was this random town that we stopped in, just for wifi. But in Australia, not even libraries have free wifi, so we ended up in a McDonalds. You see, it wasn’t this normal 10 minute pit stop at a McDonalds, for some lactose free ice cream, but it was indeed at 6h stay. Yes, you did just read that right. We stayed at the same McDonalds without moving an inch, sitting at the table closest to the door and that was the most out of view, but six-fucking-hours. 

I’m pretty sure I didn’t feel the hours go by, because I remember just looking at the time and being like:

“Wait, dad, we’ve been here since when?”

He had replied “Uh, something like 10?”

And I think my face just showed an expression of pure terror and bewilderment, so it made him look at his watch, and then look at me with the same expression, until my brother and mother realized we where just staring at each other in shock until they also checked the time. We where probably the weirdest shits on the face of the earth right then, because we all had the same expression of utter shock, terror, and bewilderment, that we did indeed stay sitting at the same chair for 6 hours straight.

That was definitely not our proudest moment. I think the employees working there where starting to get concerned about us, if their shift was even that long.

In the end, the only thing that ended up happening was around three, some rachet-ass boys that probably just got out of school came, and ordered God knows what. The worst part, is that one of them showed up in a scooter. You know those ones that you have to push with your feet and stuff? Yeah, those. Now, before you guys start saying that I’m hating on scooters, I’m going to admit that I have one of my own, and sometimes I don’t mind going in circles in my garage like a no-life. Which I am, but that’s aside the point.

I think one of them was 12, this other guy 15, and this other random guy that I didn’t look long enough to actually know how old he was. They came in a very quiet and almost deserted McDees, starting making a racket, ordered their BicMacs, and left. On the way out however, my presence wasn’t ignored by these people. So they decided to knock on the window, as they got back on their scooters (oddly enough, one of them didn’t have one? I’m guessing he just ran along them?).

So they knocked on the window, me being very unoriginal, rolled my eyes and smirked at them. Somehow, that’s an action that was deemed very important to them, so they started to run away and holler random shit. Kind of like what 12 year olds are like, when they’re trying to be thug, and cool.

Or maybe I’m really not catching on to Australian culture? I don’t know, if I’m just being very ignorant, please leave me a reply in the comments or something :).

Then we bought some lactose free ice cream cones. Somehow, the total ended up being 49 cents? I don’t know what happened? We where so in awe of the cheap price, or of the price miscalculation, or the sympathy of the employee, that we decided to buy EIGHT other ice cream cones. That was basically what we ate during the whole day.

Cue sounds of disgust or bewilderment.

So yeah, that was our adventure at that special McDonalds. The worst part is that I don’t remember what I did during all those hours. It was definitively the most time we’ve sat around for wifi during the whole trip.

I guess I’ll have to stop this update here, and continue in a FOURTH part, because apparently I’m incapable to write without writing everything that goes through my brain.

But I guess that’s just my style.

Ciao 🙂

What My Mother Would Want Me To Write About: Australia pt2

(Just a note to the reader; you’ll understand the featured image, later on during the post, and hopefully you’ll acknowledge my humor)

Turns out I’m writing this a few days later, to say the least. I actually had awesome things planned out to say, but then of course, I forgot, so all I have left is just the main facts and stuff. That probably means that I won’t have to make one post per day that we spent there.

So anyways, of what I remember of the next few days in Australia was basically just us driving for hours and hours on end. The funniest part is that I don’t ever remembering doing nothing else than just looking outside, but yet, I can’t remember what most of the scenery looked like. Maybe because my brain was so overwhelmed with the new stuff and the fact that I hadn’t been in my bed for a week probably made everything hazy. But hey, I’m not complaining.

Something that frustrated me the most that plagued me during the whole trip, was that it seemed like I wasn’t mentally capable to actually process the fact that yes, I am doing a 6 month long trip, around the world. Everyone always kept on asking me what it felt like, and how it was to be doing what I was doing, and how I managed it and blah blah blah. Talking as if it was some sort of disease. Yes, I understand that everyone is curious about everything, and I can’t hold it against anyone, because they don’t know that about 100 more people asked me the same questions.

The only people that seemed to be asking me different questions, with different intentions, where the young adults. For some reason, they felt less stressed about life, and they weren’t looking at us as if we where doing an impossible thing. To say the least, they hadn’t had yet been messed up by life. Unless they where the other extreme. Those are the ones that have no intention whatsoever to try backpacking for at least a month. Isn’t that usually what people that age dream to do? Since they have the liberty to do more things, independentally, don’t need to ask to mum or dad for money. Unless you’re in university or college and you’re literally just broke your ass off without a way around it.

Then, if that’s your case, then I’m sorry if anything I just wrote was offending to you. But let’s all be honest here, where’s the fun in always having money, when you’re on the other side of the world? Your parents are probably overjoyed of the fact that you’re somewhere cool, like South-East Asia, backpacking. Sure, enjoy your time. No ones stopping you. If someone IS stopping you, analyze what they mean to you, in your life, right now. And then ask yourself if that person is going to be happy or indifferent about your undefined departure. The trick with backpacking isn’t to plan a specific date for your return. Anything and everything could happen between your departure and return. Don’t leave people hanging, waiting for you to come back on a said date, but then they end up getting your postcard from Argentina, a week later, saying that you met someone that could show you the real version of the country, so you’ll probably be coming back in a month or two. That’s how friendships or relationships die.

Unless you have an actual date that you have to come back, because school starts on said date, and you have to be back by another said date. Then yes, please do make a precise return date, for your sake.

Anyways, as I was saying, before I got majorly sidetracked by a rant; I was talking about how I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to fully process that I was indeed on a possibly once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and I felt like I couldn’t even appreciate what I was going through.

On a brighter note, a bit of a moment that for some reason came back to me, randomly during French class was that I remember I was filming with the GoPro, in the camper, and at some point, we passed a soccer field, and then I went

“Oooooo omg hot soccer players.”

No joke. I’ll always remember the look my brother gave me, it was the funniest thing. He looked at me with such disappointment, and face palmed. Just remembering it makes me smile.

Just putting it out there, just because you play soccer, doesn’t mean you’re hot. So if any soccer players are reading this, please digest this information to your own discretion.

If that even made any sense.

Hopefully it did.

Another moment that went down in the life history of me; we where asking for directions to random people, at one point, because apparently my parents where just so done with the maps and whatnot, so yeah, they resorted to asking random people off the streets. Yay. My mum, is from Quebec. So of course, she already has a strong french accent when she speaks English, although it isn’t that bad. To Canadians, she’d be understandable, but apparently she might as well had been speaking Khmer (Khmer is the official language of Cambodia).

Of course, she didn’t understand them any more than they understood her, so, at one point, there was actually a man that was somewhat able to figure out what she was trying to ask, as my dad had gone inside some store to buy sausages and beer, I think (that was my dad in a nutshell, during those months).

She came back into the camper van, muttering something incoherent, and when we asked her what she was talking about, she started repeating ‘raoundehbeht’ my brother and I where so confused during those times, you have no clue. So we asked her what the man had said, and she replied that he told her some directions to get back onto the highway, but there was a word she didn’t have a clue what he meant.

That word, was ‘raoudehbeht’. She kept repeating that word for a solid five minutes, until someone finally figured out that what he meant was ’roundabout’. Yep, roundabout. I guess something in their accent made it impossible for my mother to understand. The man might’ve also been slightly drunk, so that probably didn’t help.

So since that time, it’s been our inside joke, whenever there’s an awkward silence at the dinner table, someone just blurts out ‘raoundehbeht’ really fast, with an attempt at an Australian accent. It eases lots of tension, lemme tell you. So yeah, that was the last thing I remember from the road, up until we hit North Beach.

Next post, I’ll be talking about the beautiful North Beach. If some of you guys are Australian, or have been to this beach, tell me, so we can die together of the beauty and calmness of it.

Cheers 🙂

(Yes, I did google Australian roundabouts)

As My Mother Would Want Me To Write About: Australia pt1

So as I wrote in my last post; I’ve traveled around the world. Looking back (it’s only been a day, and I already look back and cringe), I realized that I left it like a cliffhanger, as I would do in a book. Yet this isn’t a book. So you see why I cringe now. It was at 10:45pm that I wrote that, and hopefully that’s enough of an explanation.


So yes, as the title explained, I’ll be talking about my version of Australia. Unfortunately, I’ve only been the amazing country for three weeks. By the end of this post, you should see why we only stayed three weeks, instead of a month.

So it all started, when we finally boarded the plane from Vancouver to Sydney. We had waited for two straight days to actually be able to get a flight there, without being separated. Frankly, I’m not sure I’d really love to do a 16 hour flight alone, or with only one other family member, somewhere else on a plane that’s holding (let me do the math quickly) around 350 other passengers, not including the crew members. Apparently Boeing 777s cost 358,319,000 (in the max). Just a fun fact to add to your day, I guess.

Oh yeah, something I should maybe mention; I never re-read my posts before posting them. So if there’s some gibberish in any of my entries, just give me a shout, and I’ll change it. Unless you’re wrong, and I’m right. Just, keep an open mind about that.

Anyways, back onto the topic.

Some of you might also be wondering how we had to wait for two whole days before actually getting a plane ticket. During my familiy’s and I’s travels, whenever we flew, we bought stand-by tickets. So basically how it works is that you buy a stand-by ticket online. How the process works, I have close to no clue, since my parents where obviously always dealing with these sorts of things. You get to the airport, check-in, do the whole jazz that people would normally do. Then comes the time when people start boarding the plane. This is the tricky part, since you have to be sitting on the edge of your seat, just waiting for your name to be called. If your name does end up being called, they tell you the seats you can get, and you can either refuse or accept the tickets. If you accept the tickets, the story ends there, you hop on the plane and go. If you refuse the tickets, because let’s say that you would get separated from the rest of the family, or the seats are ultimate crap for a 8+ hour ride, you have to repeat the whole process, once again. Without having to check in and go through security again. So at least that saves you about an hour and a half.

But the loophole about these tickets, is that you usually have more than 2 hours between each flight, depending on how current it is. If you’re waiting for a Ottawa to Toronto flight, don’t even fret, just exchange your ticket for the next one. There’s literally a flight every 30min. If you’re waiting for a flight from Zurich to Barcelona, it’s a solid 6h, if I’m not mistaken. It gets even worst when you’re coming in from Cusco, and waiting at the Lima airport, when the only flights from Lima to Toronto are each 18 hours. Yes, I did say 18 hours. Fortunately, we landed two hours into that 18 hour long wait, so we only had 16 hours to wait. But that’s another story for another time. Unless you’re dying for details, tell me in the comments below or something.

So yeah, it had been two days since we where waiting for these tickets. We had enough time between each flight to book a hotel at TraveLodge for a night, just to make a beeline for the airport at 6am.

Mum was in tears, and my dad was tearing up. That’s how happy they where. It was literally the start of the dream of their lives. Meanwhile my brother was playing on the iPad, and I was apologizing to an Australian lady for accidentally unplugging her wall plug charger for her iPad.


What an ultimate moment.

So fast forward a couple hours, I managed to take out my stress puddy out, and fall asleep. With the puddy still in my lap. That didn’t turn out right. When I woke up, I had a big orange splotch stain on probably my best dress. Yay. That was a very nice way to start the trip.

Fast forward a couple more hours, and we landed in Sydney, with the whole plane smelling like shit, and everyone has horrible breaths.

We end up renting a really rattly camper that has a very rattly oven hatch that rattled a lot. I think you get the point. Another fun fact about this camper, that it almost got us killed, twice. Once was when we where turning off the road we rented the camper, so the renters probably saw us almost get hit by a four ton truck. Or was it a three ton. Either way, I swear it was like in the movies, when the truck driver honks his horn, and the drives off, which makes the “myooomm” kind of sound thing. If anyone got my point.

So that was experience number one.

Our first stop was the grocery store, obviously. Since I think we drove for four hours that day. So it only made sense that we did.

What happened next would be what my friend would call: me being beautiful when I think I’m at my ugliest point of existence. That’s him for ya.

Anyways (of course, I’m getting happy just writing about this), I was waiting for my brother and parents to come out of the store or whatnot, so that made in sort that I was just waiting randomly in the middle of the mall hallway, come to think of it; when this guy from the bakery I was coincidentally standing in front of, just popped up and said “Hey, you’re wearing a Bayern Munich jersey, that makes you pretty cool, since not that many people are into football here, and they’re a good team! Oh, and you’re pretty. So here, a free croissant!” Yep. The guy actually gave me a free almond croissant. Yep. I’m pretty sure I was a blushing mess for the next couple of minutes. And to be real, whenever I feel like shit, I just remember that moment, and it makes my self esteem go up, because I thought I looked and smelt the worst, but then someone gave me a croissant, and basically told me I have good taste in soccer jerseys, and I look good in them.

(Hilariously enough, I’m wearing my Bayern Munich shirt today)

On that day, and the next one after that, we just drove an average of 6 hours a day, since Australia is still a big-ass country. Bigger than you’d ever expect, like Canada. Not big LIKE Canada, but it’s got the same distance aspect as Canada. Ex: There’s Sydney, the huge city. In Canada, that’s Toronto. Then there’s Ottawa, in Canada, the capitol. Although it isn’t as unpopular as Canberra, but it’s more like Brisbane. Without the new malls and cool boat transports, and the beautiful botanical garden. And the fancy hotels. Pretty much. So Canberra would be more like Montreal, but swap the arts with the politics of Ottawa, and you have Canberra (almost, obviously. Not that I’ve ever been). And then you have the Golden Coast, the Sunshine Coast and whatnot, which would be in Canada, the Rockies. No one actually knows a city in those parts, but people know what you’re talking about, when you’re telling them about where you went. All the big cities are separated by a minimum of about 8ish hours of driving. Of what I did, and what I can remember. If it’s wrong, please step forward and tell me.

Our first night ever in Australia consisted of us coming to the realization that everyone walks shoeless because why would they do any different. Also, this, is not a UFO;


It is indeed a boat. A hell of a long one, but still a boat. It was literally just these lights floating, and for the first five minutes, I was the only one that had realized that these lights where just floating in thin air, until my brother pointed them out, and my dad went “Holy cow that’s a really long boat”. So I sat eating cheese and grapes, so mind blown for a moment about why didn’t I think of it earlier. Soon enough, however, the sun had set, and the only thing giving us light was the moon. The lights made it look even better.

I shit you not, that day was probably one of the best days of my life. I was in my dream country, eating freaking cheese and grapes, I had been given a free almond croissant just because of what I wore, the sand was unearthly soft, and I was going to sleep in a camper van for the first time in my life. The last one wasn’t so glorious, but still. Sleeping in a camper van is very different than anything.

That night’s supper was also the first official one that made a chain reaction to all the messed up lunches and suppers for the rest of the trip. Our supper was cheese, grapes (as I’ve mentioned before), some sausage, bread, and there was something else that I can’t remember. You have no idea how many times we’ve eaten a jumble of things as a meal. But hey, I guess it’s all part of the experience, right?

Aw my cat just started to snuggle me.

Alright snuggle time is done.

So as I was saying, many things happened in Australia, so I decided to divide it into many parts, since I’m almost going on 1700 words… Oops.

Come to think of it, all of this is only covering the first night.

Oh boy.

Alright then, ’till the next post (?)

P.S. Unfortunately, the header picture (the Sydney Panoramic picture isn’t mine, since I couldn’t find one on my laptop :/)


As My Mother Would Want Me To Write About: Me

So yes, this is my first entry, and hopefully it won’t be the last.

I am a 14 year old girl, who is currently in 10th grade. Possibly, if you read this in a couple years time, I won’t be 14 anymore, and if you actually are reading this, years from now, I solemnly congratulate you for going that far through my entries; if there are even that many.

You’re probably also thinking that I’m a 14 year old 10th grader, that’s going to turn 15 before the turn of the new year. Well, yet another surprise faces you today, I won’t. Ooooo, yes, I am one of those magical people that have skipped a grade and now people think I’m some sort of super brains. Let me tell you, that in the world of unschooling, the fact that I am a 14 year old in 10th grade doesn’t mean crap to them. And frankly, sometimes I envy that fact. Ok maybe always. But that’s aside of the point- not that I had much of one to start with either way- prejudging people before actually getting to know them.

I also might be coming off as rude, or quirky, but let me tell you that this is only temporary. I’m probably just acting off sleep deprivation, possibly stress, and parental influence. I’m probably just taking my emotions on this thing, but I guess it’s what I do best. I write when I feel things, so then I don’t forget about it. Or just because I’m so bored and procrastinating away from school responsibilities.

Wait, am I allowed to swear on here? Uh oh. It seems I’ve come across a major dilemma.

Psh, no I’m not stalking the Inca Trail tag, looking for my mum’s post… Nah, not a chance… Yeah. Can’t find her post, sorry. So I guess I can swear, depending on what my audience is. Oh boy, this one’s going to be tough. Yet again, another thing I might have to ponder over for a couple minutes, just to please the majority of you lot. If there is even a lot.

Let’s float away from the negativism. You know, the original purpose of Tumblr was to technically make these sort of things. It was created almost 79 years ago…Feel old yet? Yeah, I feel pretty young. I think I should start talking about me, instead of just ranting to the world.

Meh, it’s pretty much what I live to do.

So pretty much, my current life started the first time I ever got on a plane, which would be back when I was 6 months old? And I think we where going to either Philadelphia, or Pennsylvania. I’m never able to remember. There’s a photograph of me in a plane at 6 months old, so I’m guessing that was then. But yeah, from the start of that plane ride, it all started from there. Or as I like to say, my adventurous adventures (I never say that). Basically, I always thought my first plane ride was when we went to Florida for the first time, to go see my grandmother. Oh wait, that was when I was 6 months old. Yeah, I was 3 or 4 months old when we went to PH/PA. Anyways, I didn’t know I even went there in my life, until last year or something.

I was definitely mind blown for a month after that fact came out.

Let me also give you an insight of my oh-so crazy life. When I was in junior-kindergarten, I once convinced my teacher that I was born on Christmas, without realizing myself, that it was Christmas day. I vividly remember that time… Oh boy.

(On a totally unrelated note, I just checked out, and holy shit, it’s magic)

Of what I’ve seen from this website (so far) is that everyone has different types of everything. Reminds me of Tumblr, yet, without the GIFS, and wayyyy longer entries.

Something that I end up thinking about a lot, is something my English teacher once told me; “If you apologize in advance or after presenting/writing/anything, basically, and say ‘That was bad, but thanks for listening’. Or something along those lines, the people reading/watching you will automatically process that it was bad, when initially, they didn’t think it wasn’t that bad.” That’s probably the elongated version of what she meant, but still. You get the point. And frankly, it’s something I see a lot, everywhere an anywhere. People always apologizing for making awesome stuff. Like no. If you want to have your stuff accepted, then don’t say stuff like that. Even if you know you bullshitted everything. So far, it’s only worked for me.

I just realized how much I’m word vomiting right now. But that’s me.

Another fun fact about me, is that I can’t seem to go a day (or half of one, at that), without listening to some sort of music. Frankly, I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. It’s a good thing I love a lot of genres, or else I know I’ll run out. Not that it’s actually happened to anyone, but yeah. My mind recently, has been more or less like this: ‘BANDSBANDSBANDSBANDSBANDS’. By the way, if any of you have any suggestions, I’m up for it, like a horse for a carrot.

Ah yes, the most important fact about me, that people always seem to focus on, when I introduce myself to them:

I’ve traveled around the world.